About us

Hi there, we are the Moliko family in Lesotho


Our family consists of 4 members: Koili (pronounce kwidi), a farmer with dreadlocks who loves to design his own equipment. Gerdien, a teacher who loves her job and Gods Word. Sterre, a beautiful 4 year old girl, who honours her name by being the star in our family. And little Bella (1 year old), another beautiful girl who often makes us smile.

We work for an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and are send out as missionaries by our church in The Netherlands.

Where we live

We live in a rural place in the mountains of Lesotho called Tebellong. It is a valley surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. It is an agricultural society here and life is still very slow….. You often see a herd of animals passing by with their shepherd. It is really a place to slow down and enjoy the simple life.

Since a couple of years we do have electricity here, but almost nobody has running water inside the house, so the washing is done by hands and people make use of long drops (outside toilets).

What we do

We have a small scale farm going on in which Koili practices farming God’s way. This is a kind of farming in which you try to preserve the soil as much as possible. Lesotho has a big problem with soil erosion, so it is very important to keep the soil that we have and to make it fertile again.

Gerdien is running a pre-school named ‘The Good Shepherd’. It is small school that can hold 20 children. Sterre is going to this school and she enjoys it very much.

The days that Gerdien is at the school we have ‘me Marorisang watching Bella. She likes to carry her the African way, on her back!