English Club

A couple of weeks ago we started a new ministry called English Club. Our aim is to help the local high schoolers with their English. It is also a way to get to know them better and build relationships. Our first meeting around 80 youth showed up! We had to split them up in groups […]

Mexican person is lost in Lesotho!?

Koili with mexican sombrero

You might think that this mexican person is lost in Lesotho. Only to realise it’s Koili. He found this sombrero in Holland and thought it would be a nice protection against the sun. I love my crazy husband!

Impression of our holiday in the Netherlands

In the past months of June and July we have enjoyed our holiday period in the Netherlands. It was plenty of summer and we could do a lot outside. Especially the children enjoyed the place where we lived. The playground was right outside our door! Furthermore, many bikes, sprinkles on bread and spend time with […]