Our Projects

Farming God’s way

Koili is running his own small scale farm in which he practices ‘Farming God’s way. By doing that he tries to conserve the soil and show people that they can still have a good harvest. As we said before, most people have their own fields and throughout the years their yields have gone down due to the fact that a lot of the soil is washed away by heavy rains. They need to realize that a different kind of farming (without ploughing) is needed for them to preserve their soil and have a good yield. Koili wants to be an example farm and is always willing to assist or help others do a better job on their fields.

Pre-school ‘The Good Shepherd’

Gerdien is running a pre-school. This school is a learning environment for the children and the teachers. We use the Early Childhood Biblical Curriculum designed by the University of the Nations Early Childhood Education Centre from YWAM. This curriculum teaches a Biblical lesson and a Creation lesson for every day. Not only the children learn new things, but we as teachers are also challenged to believe the simple truth the Bible tells us. We are an English pre-school, although we often use both languages (English and Sesotho). Children grow up in a Sesotho speaking environment, but once they start Primary School they have to do all their subjects in English!!! It is not surprising that a lot of the children don’t do well at school. It is a language problem.  That is why we try to teach them as much English as possible, so that they have a better start in primary school. We are hoping to build a bigger school soon, so that we can accept more children into our school. Our desire is to have a sponsorship program going for orphan children.

Living in the village

Although these two ‘projects’ keep us busy most of the time, we always say and believe that ‘just’ living here is as much part of our mission.  We want to live and work among the Basotho of Tebellong, so that we can be an example of what it means to follow Jesus. We love to invite people into our home and Koili loves to spend time with some of the boys of our village. Our interactions with each other as a couple, our interaction with our children and our interaction with strangers, they are all part of our life. This is what people will see and this is how they will get to know God our Father. It is our desire that our lives may reflect the Father who loves us and His Son who saves us!!!

Outreach teams

We do consider ourselves a good outreach location for teams who are up for a challenge. To physically reach this place you already have to drive a dirt road, cross a river and walk (or drive) up a mountain. It is a real outdoor place. Beautiful scenery, shining stars at night and a lot of hiking. If the time of the year is right, you can go for a nice swim in the river.

We have different outreach opportunities:

  • Visiting the local hospital to pray for the patients
  • Visiting the local schools (the children love to see other young people)
  • Visiting the village, there are always people who want/need prayer
  • Join one of our own projects (farming or the school) to help out

If you are thinking about coming or if you have more questions, please contact us. Also when you are thinking about coming to Lesotho but you want to go to a different location. We do have other missionary friends in different parts of the country. We are all working together to help the Basotho to find a friend in Jesus.